34 M-Links to the Shell Perdido Project

In July 2007 MoorLink was awarded the contract to supply 34 polyester rope  connectors (17.793kN MBL)  for the Shell Perdido Regional Hub Spar mooring  lines. By using innovative ideas and advanced structural design work we  have come up with a new type of more cost efficient and lighter connector  that includes some unique features that have been patented.

MoorLink chose to name this new type of connector “M-Links” (for MoorLink)  to distinguish the product from a traditional H-link.
Some of the products unique features are:
1    Utilizing a large diameter hollow load bearing pin eliminates the  need of a thimble or spool, saving weight and cost.
2    With the hollow pin design we change the stress distribution in the  side plates and are therefore able to use a lower grade plate that is less  costly and much readier available, thus enabling faster delivery.  
3    We also have the possibility to eliminate the need for expensive  handling shackles for installation since the holes through the pins may be  used for handling.

The Perdido Installation

The Shell-operated Perdido Development spar is now successfully installed in the ultra deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico and is currently secured to  the seafloor in about 8,000 feet of water. The Perdido spar will be nearly  as tall as the Eiffel Tower and weighs as much as 10,000 cars. Perdido will  be the deepest oil development in the world, the deepest drilling and  production platform in the world and have the deepest subsea well in the  world.



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