MoorLink delivered Riser Tether

MoorLink won another major contract to manufacture a complete Tether System connecting a SHR (Steel Hybrid Riser) to a large support buoy. The riser is suspended in the buoy by the tether system alone. No redundancy is present and a failure would be catastrophic. For this reason, the quality control of the design and the production was vital.

The project included extensive new testing requirements that are presently being introduced in the industry. This was a challenge to implement but with hard work and extensive experience, MoorLink was able to add another mark in the list of achievements in the history of the company.  
The order was successfully delivered on schedule in early March 2009 and the equipment is planned to remain in service for 30 years”.

Tether System

The system consisted of one complete tether consisting of a flanged pad eye and a universal link, both fitted with low friction bearings and a special connecting shackle in each end of a tether chain. The challenge in this project was to fulfil the extended testing requirements, thus we made two additional items of each component, one for MBL and one to cut to make mechanical test coupons. Mechanical testing and position of the test sample take outs were thoroughly analysed in order to achieve the true and correct material properties. In  spite of the increased demand from the industry to improve material testing MoorLink has taken major steps in increasing its material investigation and testing.

An extensive structural analysis and fatigue assessment of all the components was also included in our scope. This job was done in-house utilizing our experienced structural engineers and Abaqus software.

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