The M-Link concept is developed by MoorLink to be able to present a cost enhanced alternative to the traditional H-link. By introducing the hollow pin design (pat.Pending) we have managed to integrate a few advantages which makes it a very competitive alternative solution for connecting polyester/composite mooring lines.

Apart from a competitive price, we have:

  • made installation easier by deleting the spool and allowing easier handling of the pin with a special handling tool
  • made operation safer by making it easier/safer to hang off the outboard load when connection the next segment
  • shortened the overall lead time by enabling the use of a steel plaet material with much better availability
  • introduced a handling/gashing tool that will make it possible to eliminate the handling shackle and by that save more money for the customer
  • made it possible to place the M-Link vertically on any deck without the need of a special cradle or table when the handling shackle is eliminated
M-link infosheet

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