Market & Environment

havToday’s global economy shows clear driving forces for growth. This is shown despite the great concern about the continued risk of religious, political and social conflicts, and the toughening fight for raw materials that cause the price of oil and steel to rise. In recent years there has been a shift in economic power to Asia and China and India in particular, even though developments in the US have the greatest effect globally. There are also other factors that affect the global market and trends such as:

- Political issues
- Growing Competition
- The rapid IT and technology development is expanding
- Consumers are more demanding
- Global warming and environment issues

For MoorLink this means:

- Continues development of product design
- Develop product varieties
- Stronger partnership and long term business relationships
- Work with the best sub-contractors and material
- Environmental concern

These factors lead to a high demand but also great opportunities for MoorLink.

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