Kizomba A & B

Kizomba A – Installation Swivel

In 2003 MoorLink secured a contract from Hyundai/FMC to supply mooringsystem installation swivels for the FPSO Kizomba A project. The contract stipulated an extensive testing program to include sideload testing and torsion testing in addition to the general in-line pull tests required by DNV. The swivels were also designed to pass through the chain stopper assembly, which led to further demanding design restrictions.

Kizomba A – Tether System

MoorLink was contracted in May 2003 to supply components for the Kizomba A Tether system. Kizomba A is an FPSO installed offshore in Angola, West Africa, moored at a depth of 1200 meters, operated by ESSO Exploration Angola (Block15) Ltd. The tethers form a structural connection between the Standing Steel Risers (SSR) and the large support buoy. MoorLink designed and manufactured the high specification components to be fitted betweenthe top assembly of the riser and the sub-surface buoy. All equipment was delivered on time and within budget by the end of September 2003 according to schedule and the system is planned to remain in service for 25years.

Kizomba B – Tether System

After the successful completion of the Kizomba A project MoorLink went on to win yet another major contract to manufacture the Tether System connecting the SCR (Steel Catenary Riser) and the support buoy for Kizomba B. The Kizomba B floater is also placed in Angola. MoorLink implemented its existing Kizomba A tether design and modified sizes to handle the increase in line load requirements.

All equipment were delivered in July 2004 and is planned to remain in service for 25 years.
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