Meet our key personnel

Andreas Odenman, Managing Director
Andreas Odenman has a solid background in marine engineering and offshore related activities. Before taking on the role as managing director of MoorLink Andreas was the Project & Production Manager at MoorLink for 10 years. Previous experiences include Marine Surveyor at ABS and Marine Engineer on several sea-going vessels. Currently Andreas is responsible for the leadership of the MoorLink team, developing new business opportunities and creating customized solutions to customer needs.

Jasmin Sehic, Senior Design Engineer
Jasmin Sehic is the employee with the longest experience of mooring component design at MoorLink. The successful MoorLink product portfolio is a result of Jasmin’s work with improving and developing construction solutions.
He works actively with the research and development of new products through material specifications, dimensioning and product adjustments. Work on new prototypes, reparations and handling drawings and manufacturing specifications is also included in his line of work. Jasmin uses state–of-the-art 3D-CAD systems for modelling and drawing production.


 Martin Rosander, QA Manager, Structural Engineer
Martin Rosander is an experienced structural engineer with a research background. His specialties include non-linear structural analyses using the finite element method (FEM), fatigue, welded structures and composite engineering. As well as performing internal work for MoorLink external consultancies are offered, mainly within the offshore/oil and gas industry. Recent missions include calculations for low-cycle (plastic) high temperature fatigue analyses for offshore gas turbine systems. Martin also manages internal development projects and is responsible for the QA-system at MoorLink.


Nicolas Berner Wolf, R&D Engineer and Business Developer
Nicolas Berner Wolf has a background in Engineering Physics and wave energy converters. Nicolas works with project management, research and development as well as business development. He is often seen visiting clients and subcontractors and leads MoorLink's work in different research and development projects.

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