Wire clamp

The MoorLink patented Wire Clamp is specially designed and developed to fit buoyancy (surface or sub-surface) to six stranded mooring wires. Each inlet is conical shaped avoiding bending damage to the mooring wire. In order to prevent the clamp sliding along the mooring wire, while allowing the lay length to vary under tension, the inside (of each clamp-half) is coated with print off medium stiff polyurethane. The clamp is easily attached to the mooring wire and is designed to carry large size buoyancy in the built-in bow shackle, preventing the buoy pig tail from twisting around the mooring line. The swivel limits the torque effect which is built up in the mooring wire whilst under tension.

The Mk7 wire rope insert clamp is the latest addition to the MoorLink wire rope clamp series. It introduces revolutionary exchangeable wire rope imprints so that one clamp can fit several wire rope sizes simply by changing the wire rope imprint insert.

MoorLinks´products are protected by patents.


Wire clamp infosheet.pdf

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